Serene is a Ghanaian-American artist hailing from Frisco, a suburb of Dallas, TX. Her style blends pop and R&B with a little bit of afrobeats flair. As stated from Buzz Music, “Serene has found a way to treat the music she creates as a sonic canvas through her burning passion for reaching people on an emotional level.” 

From a young age, Serene has been fascinated with music and the way that it has the power to connect people regardless of their differences. According to her, music is not only a unifying source, a style of expression, and an outlet for emotion, but also something that challenges and pushes her to explore her artistry. Serene experimented with many instruments while growing up, only to ultimately realize that she only really loved the one that she was born with: her voice. Upon this realization, she dove head first into songwriting and production to create her own unique style.

Serene experienced a viral moment in 2021 before the release of her single “Lovely”. After her engineer posted a snippet of the song, Serene was flooded with comments and dms where people begged her to release the single. This further solidified Serene's desire to continue to share her craft. Serene's biggest supporters have been her parents, who are constantly looking for ways to help her spread her message. In April 2023, Serene performed her largest show to date at Whiskey A Gogo in Los Angeles. With multiple singles and performances under her belt, Serene is gearing up to release her debut album this summer. 


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