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Music is a unifying source, a style of expression, and an outlet for emotion that allows me to be fully creative

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Reckless Behavior

“Who would’ve thought that reckless behavior would somehow bring me home?” Finding happiness in unexpected places is always a welcome experience, especially when you aren’t even searching for it. Sometimes letting your guard down can end up making for the greatest adventures. 

Serene Boachie
Who is She?

About Serene

Serene is a first generation Ghanaian American, born and raised in the ever expanding suburb of Dallas called Frisco, TX. Her interest in music started at a very young age. She’s had experience playing various instruments, but ultimately stuck with her favorite instrument of all: her voice. Her smooth and warm vocal tone compliments her Pop/R&B songwriting style. That being said, Serene is not only a singer songwriter, but a producer as well. 

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Press about Serene

"Serene has found a way to treat the music she creates as a sonic canvas through her burning passion for reaching people on an emotional level. 'All This Time' takes you on an audible voyage through each melody she sheds with the heavenly reverberations in her presence."
Buzz Music
"While this was our first introduction to the music of Serene, it’s absolutely not going to be our last. Seeing as her career is just jumping off, we’ll be keeping a close eye on all new releases coming soon. If the talent flowing through her so young in her music journey is happening now, we can only assume the sky’s the limit for this artist."
We Write About Music
"I just saw an ad with your song 'All This Time' and I must say... it's one of the most beautiful tunes I've heard in ages. It really is a beautiful song. And given the happenstances around me in my country, this really calmed me. Well done. I hope to listen to more of your music."
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